Why Are You Reading this?

As a voice talent, I have often wondered what would draw a visitor of my site to my blog page. After all, I bring the words of others to life; I don’t create the words in the first place.

People who come to my website are looking for an actor to play a role in their commercial, be the voice of an animated character, their company or product, or narrate their film. They don’t want to know how I do it or how I feel about it—they just want to get it done.

So obviously there isn’t going to be a lot of blogging going on around here. I’m too busy talking to concentrate on writing.

What I can tell you here is how I can help you if you’re looking for a voice. Most folks looking for a voice already have a very good idea in their mind what they want to hear—sometimes it’s difficult for them to put it into words, but they know it when they hear it.

Of course, everyone wants a “conversational” read. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for me,) there are all sorts of conversations. The best I can hope to do is to give you a wide range of work that I have done and you can hear for yourself. If you want to put me in a box with a bow and label, you can title it, “Adult, male, warm, approachable, knowledgeable and worldly wise. A dad, mentor, confidant and trusted friend.”

I can do characters and accents for stories, films, animations and computer games. These will play true to character from a 30 second commercial, short or feature film all the way through a novel. I work with some of the best coaches, directors and producers in the business and continue to hone my craft every day.

I hope to be speaking for you soon.


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